Our first blog

Hi everyone, we decided to enter the wonderful world of blogs instead of trying to maintain seperate babysites for the kids. This way you can all see what we are up to.
Life is treating us good. The weather here has been crazy one week we think summer is just around the corner and the next it is snowing. You gotta love Utah spring!
Olivia is just a wonderful big sister most of the time, she just has to work on being gentle. She loves to help burp Zachary and plays mommy to her dolls.
Zachary is just starting to smile and almost laugh, he is just adorable. Both kids had their checkups this week and are growing great. Zachary is already in 3-6 month clothes, we think he is trying to catch up to Olivia since she is just barely starting to fit into 2T. I guess she takes after me and he takes after Rob!
Rob is working lots and lots of hours on the I-80 bridge designs and in his “free” time he is working on putting up crown mouldings and getting ready to build a shed. You know how Haslams are they have to have 17 projects going on at the same time to be happy!
I am getting excited to go to Lake Powell next month, a week of sun, reading, and hopefully sleeping!!
Well Zachary is saying it is time to eat, hope you all are well!


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