What is new with us

Zachary is getting so big, he is starting to smile and almost giggle when we play with him.

Olivia helping daddy put in a few more sprinklers in the flower bed. Olivia loves to be where ever daddy is “helping” him.

“Reading” to herself after her nap.
Olivia is fasinated by the bugs that are coming out, she loves when they are on the windows.
Olivia got her first skinned knees at Grandpa’s house, she tripped and fell and since she was wearing a skirt her little knees got all skinned up. She keeps showing them to us now and saying “hurt”.
They do look alike dont you think?

So we learned what a 2 year old will do while mom is nursing the baby. Yes that is our monkey climbing over the computer and up onto the counter to get at the hard boiled eggs. Once when mommy caught her she was actually stabbing an egg with the scizzors. Not safe, I know. Now the chair is kept away from the computer so she cant climb up, much to her dismay.
I hope you all have a great Mother’s Day and a fun week. Rob, Zachary, and I will be at Lake Powell for a week while Olivia gets to stay here with Grandma Elizabeth. It will be her first time staying with someone so I hope it goes well.

Busy, busy, busy

It was super hot here this weekend so while I hid out in the house most of the time, Rob and Olivia worked on lots of projects. Olivia’s favorite was daddy getting his motorcycles to work so she could go for rides. I’m not sure its very safe but Rob ties her onto him and off they go. Church is getting out of control huge again. There are almost 700 people in our ward (about twice as big as a “normal” ward), it is so noisy and crowded it makes it really hard to be reverent. The church is building a new stake center and a new ward building for us but they wont be done for at least 2 months and Fieldstone keeps finishing more and more houses so the worst is yet to be I think. I stubbed my toe pretty bad on Sunday night and thought it might be broken but it is feeling much better now. The weather is suppost to get cooler this week so now we can go back to working on inside projects.