Busy, busy, busy

It was super hot here this weekend so while I hid out in the house most of the time, Rob and Olivia worked on lots of projects. Olivia’s favorite was daddy getting his motorcycles to work so she could go for rides. I’m not sure its very safe but Rob ties her onto him and off they go. Church is getting out of control huge again. There are almost 700 people in our ward (about twice as big as a “normal” ward), it is so noisy and crowded it makes it really hard to be reverent. The church is building a new stake center and a new ward building for us but they wont be done for at least 2 months and Fieldstone keeps finishing more and more houses so the worst is yet to be I think. I stubbed my toe pretty bad on Sunday night and thought it might be broken but it is feeling much better now. The weather is suppost to get cooler this week so now we can go back to working on inside projects.


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