Some New Pictures

Great blackmail picture for those boyfriends in 16 years!
Little buddy in the high chair.
Olivia washing her hands in her playhouse sink.

Olivia getting her nails painted by Daddy.
Cute shirt from Grandpa Richard.
Olivia, Rob, and Zachary hanging out in the backyard.

Quite the expression!
Olivia’s new playground.
Watching jellyfish at the aquarium.

New Stuff

Its been a busy week! Zachary is now sleeping in his crib rather then the swing and doing great. Plus he loves to sit in the high chair which is super since he cries less I can get more done without holding him. Olivia isnt too sure that she wants Zachary in her high chair but she seems to like her booster seat. We also realized that Zachary is at the top limit for height for his car seat so it looks like it is time to go buy a convertable seat, luckily they still make the seat Olivia has so we will just get the same seat for Zachary since it has worked so great for Olivia. Rob has finished hanging all the moldings so now they just need some touch up paint and they will be done. That is great since we need to clean out the front room since Jen will be moving in in less then two weeks and we are going to store her stuff in there for now.

4 month appt

Zachary had his 4 month appt yesterday. It went great, he only cried a little after the shots. He is almost 15 pounds which is the 50 percentile and is 26 inches which is the 87 percentile. Dr Boud thought he was really cute and active and said he was looking great. Zachary has found his toes and loves to suck on them.

The kids gave me great anniversary presents, Zachary slept for almost 12 hours last night, a new record for him and I am sure just a side effect of getting the shots. Olivia said “I love you” to me without being prompted, she just gave me a great big hug and said it. Too sweet! Its hard to believe that it has been four years since we were married.

Updates on us

Lets see we have been doing so many things I figured while both kids are still sleeping I should try to update you all. We had a great trip to Lake Powell, it was beautiful and relaxing. We had fun fishing off the back of the houseboat, I read a few books, and Zachary got spoiled by being the only baby there. Olivia did fantastic with my mom who even got her moved out of the crib and into a big girl bed. They went to Thanksgiving Point and Olivia had her first pony ride, which she is still talking about. Mom and Dave brought us some more plants for our yard and most of them are doing great. It was great to see them but we are glad to be going to Washington the end of July to spend some more time with them.

Rob is busy with his projects. Currently he is working on putting up crown mouldings in our downstairs, putting in a pad for the shed, getting ready to get our fence put in, and a million other little things that come with homeownership!

I am just busy with the little ones and keeping the house from looking like a bomb hit it.

Olivia loves to be outside and we bought her a cute playground that is just her size, she of course is just as happy to play with the water from the faucet and an old ice cream bucket. She loves to sing and currently has learned the words to Baa Baa Black Sheep which she yells at the most random moments, its cute!

Zachary has rolled over from his back to his stomach but hasnt figured out how to get back so he usually yells for us to flip him back over. He is just a sweet little guy most of the time.

I will try to get pictures posted soon! Hope everyone is well.