It was another fun Saturday garage saleing. We got two doll houses which Olivia just loves playing with. She got her first hornet stings on Sunday but seemed not to be too bothered by them, Rob went out and killed them all so it doesnt happen again hopefully. Zachary is starting to blow raspberries and just loves all the noise he can make. It is pretty cute. The kids are starting to interact with each other which is so fun to watch. Zachary just adores Olivia and she is really good with him most of the time.

We were blessed twice over the weekend and are thankful that our Heavenly Father is protecting us. Our ward finally was split two weeks ago so we are excited to be part of the Jordan Willows 3rd ward now. Rob has been called to be the 16/17 year old Sunday school team teacher. I had the unfortunate experince of turning down my first calling, I prayed about it and just knew it wasnt the right calling for me, luckily the bishop was very understanding and nice about it.

We are excited for our vacation, hope to see all you Washington people soon!

Summer Fun

Wow it is hot. We just had our first day of under 100 degree weather today, it felt so nice! Jen is here and is busy job hunting. Olivia LOVES her being here. Jen got me addicted to MySpace, which is actually kinda fun since I have been able to find some friends that I had lost touch with. We are looking forward to our vacation in just over a week, Washington here we come! Rob and his parents got our fence posts in last weekend and now are working on the shed pad and sandbox areas. When we get back from vacation we should be able to get the panels put in, I cant wait! We had a great day garage saleing on Sat, the kids got tons of clothes for $20. I am totally addicted to garage saleing, I had no idea what I was missing!

Happy July 4th

We had a good 4th of July, Rob worked since he was going to California to get my sister Jennifer on Friday but we went to a great bbq at Mike and Launa’s in the afternoon. Olivia had great fun playing in the sprinkler after Grandma showed her how. Ashley, Emilee, and Olivia were so cute in the little pool together. We could see a little of the Lehi fireworks show from our bedroom window.

In bigger news Aunty Jen is here! Rob and Jen left bright and early on Sat morning and barely made it through before the highway was closed because of the huge wild fire. Olivia is enchanted with Jen, she follows her everywhere and loves playing with her. Now we just have to get Jen unpacked.