Vacation Day 2

I was worried that staying in the hotel would be really hard but it wasnt too bad. Zachary didnt seem to really enjoy the porta crib but Olivia did great in the big hotel bed.

Its a long drive from Ontario, Oregon to Ferndale, Washington in case you were wondering. I was worried that we would have to stop for Zachary and that he would be the one that would be crying but nope it was our sweet angel Olivia who made the trip really long. She just was unhappy and wanted the world to know it. Zachary on the other hand was delightful, go figure! Rob thought that giving Olivia a doughnut would help her to be good, you can see by the picture that it just made a mess. We made it to Ferndale just in time to have dinner with my mom, Dave, and Jen and then we went to get settled in at Richard and Linda’s.

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