Vacation Day 3

Saturday morning we all went to the Pioneer Day parade in downtown Ferndale, this was their 100th year celebration. Olivia loved the parade; her favorite part was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle that shook her hand. We got lots of candy and bead necklaces, it was the total small town parade experience. Olivia enjoyed the horses and fire trucks, too. I even nursed Zachary right there on the curb (with a blanket over me of course), the funniest part to me was that soon afterwards there were people handing out beads like the ones you would get at Marti Gras, too funny! We went back to the Pratts for naps then we headed down to the Pioneer Day celebration and carnival. Olivia LOVED riding the carousel, but I think Grandma Elizabeth loved riding with her just as much! She also got daddy to play her first carnival game, catching a numbered duck. We had the famous Rainbow girl hamburgers and some greasy carnival fries. Somehow it all seemed so much smaller then when I was little.


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