Vacation Day 4

Sunday we enjoyed a wonderful (and quiet) sacrament meeting in Ferndale. I love the church outside of Utah, there is just such a strong spirit there for me. It was a little misty and cool, just the way Washington should be! We had a great breakfast at Grandma Elizabeth’s house of homemade blueberry pancakes with freshly picked berries, YUMMY! We went to Hovander farm later in the day to see the animals which of course Olivia loved. I think she was all pictured out by then however!

2 thoughts on “Vacation Day 4

  1. Heather,Your pictures brought back so many memories of ferndale…especially the ones in the swimming pool ;)Your children are adorable–your daughter looks just like you. How was the reunion?–Christy

  2. Hi everyone ~ great job, Heather! You’ve been busy! The pictures are bringing back good memories – it was a fun time! I’m looking forward to more pictures whenever you get a free moment! I LOVE & MISS ALL OF YOU ~ Mom

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