Vacation Day 12

We left the hotel bright and early Monday morning to drive home. Zachary who had been so good in the van the whole vacation decided that he had had enough and cried and screamed the whole state of Utah. We were glad to get home and get out of the van. I dont think we will be taking a road trip again for a while but it was a super trip. Thank you so much to Richard and Linda for the great hospitality and super food! We loved staying with you guys.

Now that I have finally conquered getting our vacation on here I am going to try to keep our blog updated a little more frequently. Our kids are doing great, Zachary is crawling everywhere and is pulling up on stuff. He thinks he is two! He devours baby food but his favorite things are the Puffs cereal snacks that Gerber makes. He gets so excited when he sees them. Olivia is just a spunky two and half year old. According to her doctor her verbal skills are VERY advanced so I am working on teaching her some beginning preschool ciriculum. She has gone to nursery by herself the last two weeks happily so that makes Rob and I very happy. She loves to watch Dora the Explorer and Go, Diego, Go now that we have dish network. Rob is busy with work and getting ready to take his professional exam. I am glad to have Jen here to help since he is working such long hours. We are almost ready to put in our fence and get started on building the shed before it gets too cold. I am just busy with the kids and housework, it never seems to all get done in the same week!


One thought on “Vacation Day 12

  1. Vacations, you got to love them. I always feel like I need a vacation when I get back home.Thanks for visiting my blog and giving good feedback on being LDS. It was very thoughtful of you to take the time.

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