Oh Boy

Zachary has a tooth! He didnt act like it bothered him much, in fact I only noticed it because the spoon made a funny noise in his mouth while I was feeding him. He also has learned how to pull up on things, I swear he thinks he is three not 6 1/2 months. In fact I found him standing in his crib yesterday morning which promptly got his crib lowered, now he still stands up but there isnt a danger that he will fall out, at least not yet…

Olivia told me she had crumbs in her eye yesterday morning, after looking at her strangely I realized she had sleepy dust in her eye. It was pretty funny though. She also has decided to count in Spanish, I guess Dora and Diego must be teaching her something.

I have been fighting a cold, I dont think Olivia even noticed that I was whispering all day on Monday. Whispering doesnt have the same effect when you are trying to get your point across. I have Enrichment meeting tonight, its a decade game based on when you graduated so it should be interesting. We had a great dinner at our house last Friday with a dinner group from the ward, it was fun to get to know some people better and it was a great excuse to really clean the downstairs.

Rob got our fence in so now he is going to work on his shed. It has been really cold the last few mornings and I think getting the shed done means his car will fit back in the garage so he wont have to scrape his windows!


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