Happy 9 month Birthday!

Happy 9 month birthday Zachary!! Its hard to believe that our little man is already 9 months old. Zachary is a super fast crawler, you never know where he will be when you turn around. He is getting close to walking on his own, he cruises around the furniture and holds onto our legs as we walk. He can climb up stairs and has taken a tumble down one flight of them already with just a few tears and a little scuff on his head. He is just an active little man! He loves to feed himself, especially bananas. He is getting good at drinking out of a sippy cup. He is “talking” more everyday and has the cutest little voice. I am trying to convince him to say mama. He reaches up to us when he wants to be picked up which is just adorable. He is still a rather bad sleeper but is happy most of the time when he is awake so its mostly okay. He loves Olivia, his whole face lights up when she is near him. He loves to go for walks in the stroller and the bathtub. We love you little man!!!

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