Some Christmas pictures

The ornament that Olivia made in nursery.

Our tree and presents before.

Our tree and presents AFTER! What a mess!! It was a lot of fun to see the kids faces as we gave them their presents.

Christmas 2007! Its quite the task to get both kids looking at the camera at the same time but here we are at Christmas Eve at Rob’s parents house.

Our “little angel” at the Thorup family party. There was a nativity scene for the great-grandkids which was pretty entertaining since the oldest grandchild is 6. Olivia pretended to hold baby Jesus through the program which was precious!

Zachary playing with his new house. Aunty Jen took this picture which we referred to as the “money shot”, the funny thing is she got the best picture of Olivia with her new toy last year!

Here is our handsome boy on Christmas morning. Look at those big blue eyes!

This is Olivia getting her Dora doll from Grandma and Grandpa Haslam. They have had the doll at their house for a few months and Olivia LOVES her. She was in tears when we got to their house for dinner and Dora wasnt on her chair in the playroom. She is one happy girl to have Dora living at our house now.


My arm hurts from the flu shot I got today. I think its the first time I remember a shot hurting. Zachary was not at all impressed with going to the doctor, the doctor actually said “wow, you have your hands full with him I bet”. He is at about the 20% for both height and weight but the doctor felt like that was pretty normal since he is SO active. We didnt get much else done today since Zachary hasnt really napped at all. Rob and I did decide on and order our Christmas cards today so now I know what we will be doing this weekend!

Two Years in Our House

Today is the two year anniversary of moving into our house. Its so strange to think that Olivia was Zachary’s age when we moved in. We have done so much to the house in the last two years but there is still so much to get done! That is the story of homeownership I am told.

Today I actually put up our advent calendar and nativity scene, its only 10 days late! Olivia told me I was her “special friend” today, whatever that means!! The kids took great naps today so after 11am I only had one of them up at a time, kinda a nice break! Tomorrow we are going to take Zachary in for his 9 month checkup (yes he is almost 10 months old but its the soonest we could get in when Rob called a month and half ago) and Olivia and I plan on getting our flu shots.

Bye Jen

Today Jen (my little sister who has been staying with us since July) moved out. She got an apartment up in Sugarhouse which is a lot closer to her work. We were sad to see her go, it has been fun having her here. I am not sure how Olivia will take it when she actually understands that Jen is gone, I am betting we will have one sad little girl on our hands. We did decorate some more for Christmas today and we hung up some other pictures too. It was too cold and snowy this afternoon to do much else!

Who would have thought?

Today is the five year anniversary of Rob’s and my first date! Who would have thought that five years later we would have gotten married, finished Rob’s bachelor and masters degrees, had Olivia, bought a brand new house, gotten the minivan, and had Zachary. What a busy and fun five years it has been!

Favorite part of my day

I just had to share real quick my favorite part of the day. Usually Zak wakes up about 6:30 and I start nursing him in our chair and fall back to sleep. Olivia comes in around 7 and crawls up into the chair to cuddle with us and tell us about her dreams. It is such a great way to start my day with my two little ones mostly calm and sweet. Then the real fun of the day starts!