My Birthday

For my birthday I wanted the day off from being a mommy. Rob had to help his sister move so he took the kids to his moms in the morning while I took a nice long time to get ready with no one opening the door to the shower or needing anything while I got ready. My sister and I went shopping. We went to a store called Steve & Barry’s to look for some clothes and when we got there the store was having a sale where everything was $8.98. Jen and I each got a pair of jeans and I got a brown coat. The line to check out was crazy long but it was worth it. Then we went to Gardner Village to get some candy and Christmas ornaments. We went to lunch at Red Robin where they gave us a Mile High Mountain Mud Pie which just happens to be my favorite dessert. Then we went to the mall to keep shopping but we didn’t have much luck. We went home to drop Jen off to watch the munchkins so that Rob and I could go to dinner. We went to Su Casa my favorite restaurant for yummy Mexican food. Then we went to IKEA for the very first time in Utah, I couldn’t wait for them to open but it took us 8 months to go. I think we got some ideas for the house. It was a long day but a lot of fun!


Monday morning we woke up to a lot of snow. On Tuesday Olivia decided she wanted to go play in the snow so for her I found boots, snow pants, a coat, gloves, and a hat and a snowsuit for Zachary then I got them all bundled up then I had to get my coat and shoes and camera so we could go outside. Then after being outside for less then a minute Olivia threw snow at Zachary which of course made him cry, it didnt help that his snowsuit is too small so he cant really walk or crawl and this is a little boy that doesnt like to not be able to move. That was the end of the snow for us. So after 15 minutes of prep we spend maybe 2 minutes outside. We made it outside again on Thursday, Olivia decided she was really liking the snow so while Zachy watched from the window she played for a while.

Sugar and Spice

Olivia is such a little mommy. Here she is with her stroller and her Olivia pig.
Olivia thought this was a great hang out until it collasped, she hasnt tried it since.
Olivia gets so excited when we make popcorn.

Doctor Lulu in the house. Our little doctor loves to help us feel better.
Sugar, need we say more?

Snips and Snails

Zachy’s owie. He fell into the coffee table upstairs. It left a big mark but it hasnt slowed him down.
Grrr! Here is a typical Zachy face.
Yes that is drool. He is a drool factory.

When he attacked the dishwasher. I have no idea why he finds the dishwasher so interesting but he is always trying to get into it.
Enjoying my birthday cake.

Our Little Cook

Olivia has become our little helper in the kitchen lately. One of her favorite things to help with is rolling out noodles for our chicken noodle soup.
She also loves to bring Zachary his food and “help” him eat. Notice her little hand in the bottom of the picture.
Here she is when I caught her making a concoction with our spices.

Late December Recap

The week after Christmas was a busy one for us. Zachary started walking, got weaned, and started sleeping through the night. What a guy! Olivia got potty trained. It was easy. Honestly. I read so many books and had her watch all the little videos but she was ready and just trained herself. We put her in pullups for naps and for leaving the house but at home she is always in big girl undies and very rarely has an accident. In fact I think her pooping issues are even getting better. Rob installed some new lighting for us in our kitchen and downstairs living room and has almost finished our crown moldings.

Zachary is such a boy. Here he is eating the dirt out of the potted tree in our front room.
Here is a cute picture of Olivia catching snowflakes on her tongue.