Uh-Oh, Gold

Zachary added a word to his vocabulary! He said “Uh-Oh” after destroying a block tower. Yay for new words!

Olivia and I were having a little discusion about hair. I asked her what color my hair was to which she replied “brown”. I got the same answer for Daddy’s hair and Zachary’s hair. Then I asked her what color her hair was and she said “gold”. I guess we really do have a princess!

This morning she was playing with her balloon right after Daddy went to work so I asked her what Daddy’s job was to which she replied “blowing up balloons”. I asked what my job was and she said “making dinner”. I asked what her job was she said “helping”. And that Zachary’s job was crawling. I guess she wants him to go back to being a baby, ever since I held a friend’s baby at church she has been wanting a baby sister. She has even named her Ella the Elephant. No worries Lu, we have our baby insurance almost in place.

Poll Question

I am considering the idea of making this blog private. Meaning you would need to sign in to read it. My reason for doing this is to keep my little ones safe from the crazies in the world who could use information on here to harm them. My reason for not wanting to do it is that I love to read other people’s blogs and would like others to read ours which would be harder if it were private. I have added the poll to get your opinions so please vote, I have also added a tracker to see who is viewing the site so I can see if there might be people I dont know reading it. I dont want to live in fear but my first job is to keep my family safe.

Too Sweet

Tonight after we had gotten the kids all ready for bed and were about to put Zachary in his crib, Olivia noticed the gospel art kit and said “I want to learn about Jesus more, lets have Family Home Evening.”. Well we couldnt very well say no to that so we had Family Home Evening for the second time this week. Do you think having it twice in one week will help make up for all the weeks we have missed? I am so glad to have a little girl who loves to learn and is such a great example to us.

Zachary’s 1st Birthday

Zachary turned one on the 16th. I cant believe that it has been a year since he was born. We had a nice day at home. He took a super long nap in the morning which is really unusual but if it had been my birthday I would have taken a nap, too! We had Aunty Jen and Grandma and Grandpa Haslam here for pizza and cake and presents. Olivia though the whole thing was for her and was not too good at letting Zachary have the spotlight. She loves all his new presents. We also had his 12 month checkup this week. He hardly cried after getting his shots and was pretty good for the doctor. He weighed in at just over 20 pounds which is only the 12%. He is almost 30 inches tall which is the 27% so it looks like he might be short like me and Olivia. He is just a little guy who is really really active. The doctor was surprized at how well he can walk and climb.

Sweet Dreams? Part 2

Notice the little hands and feet just sticking out from under the cushions.
Sound asleep on the downstairs couch.
Really? I have no idea how she can sleep like this.
Olivia is still getting out of bed at naptime and bedtime, we never know where she will be sleeping!

We love Aunty Jen

Are those your teeth Aunty Jen?
Lu always wants to sit in Aunty Jen’s lap during dinner.
Playing in the snow.
Making snow angels.

We sure are lucky to have Aunty Jen living so close to us. Olivia just adores her and is her shadow when she is here. Zachary has recently decided that he wants in on the Aunty Jen love too. On Valentine’s Day he was right there at the door to greet her with a hug.

Crazy Weather

The snow on the back patio after one of the storms in January.
The huge pile of snow next to our driveway after the storm on the 3rd, there was so much snow that some wards cancelled church. See even in Utah there can be too much of a good thing!

The next day
The next day

We had a real blizzard on the 13th. These pictures show the before and after. I was really surprized that Rob was able to make it home saftley but luckily he did. There were some people stranded at our local grocery store for 10 hours since the roads leading out to Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs were closed due to accidents and blowing snow. We were so glad that Rob’s parents brought the 4-wheeler down here on Valentine’s Day so that Rob could do some snow removal.


I felt the earthquake that was centered in Nevada this morning. I would have liked to have still been asleep at 7:15am but Zachary has decided to be an early morning baby. I was downstairs checking my email when it started to feel weird then I looked at the lights in the kitchen and they were swaying. Kinda a weird way to start the day. It was nothing like the few earthquakes I experienced in Washington growing up but it was enough to make us think about having earthquake insurance!

Book Tag

1. Pick up the nearest book. (At least 123 pages long.)
2. Open to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence and post it.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag 5 other people.

The book nearest to me was Piggy Back Rides and Slippery Slides by Lynnae W Allred

Fifth sentence of page 123:

It isn’t even the activity that seems to matter.

Next three sentences:

It’s just the time spent enjoying it. While it is tempting to promote active play as a method for improving children’s physical health, it also seems important to emphasize that this is not the only reason, nor even the best reason for active play. Physicians Hillary Burdette and Robert Whitaker put it best when they said, “Play has the potential to improve all aspects of children’s well-being: physical, emotional, social, and cognitive. We argue that the current emphasis on increasing physical activity in young children to address the problem of obesity, while an important public health agenda, might be more successful if the exposure (physical activity or exercise) were promoted with different language (play) and if a different set of outcomes were emphasized (aspects of child well-being other than physical health).”

I tag anyone who wants to answer 🙂