Zachary’s 1st Birthday

Zachary turned one on the 16th. I cant believe that it has been a year since he was born. We had a nice day at home. He took a super long nap in the morning which is really unusual but if it had been my birthday I would have taken a nap, too! We had Aunty Jen and Grandma and Grandpa Haslam here for pizza and cake and presents. Olivia though the whole thing was for her and was not too good at letting Zachary have the spotlight. She loves all his new presents. We also had his 12 month checkup this week. He hardly cried after getting his shots and was pretty good for the doctor. He weighed in at just over 20 pounds which is only the 12%. He is almost 30 inches tall which is the 27% so it looks like he might be short like me and Olivia. He is just a little guy who is really really active. The doctor was surprized at how well he can walk and climb.

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