Poll Question

I am considering the idea of making this blog private. Meaning you would need to sign in to read it. My reason for doing this is to keep my little ones safe from the crazies in the world who could use information on here to harm them. My reason for not wanting to do it is that I love to read other people’s blogs and would like others to read ours which would be harder if it were private. I have added the poll to get your opinions so please vote, I have also added a tracker to see who is viewing the site so I can see if there might be people I dont know reading it. I dont want to live in fear but my first job is to keep my family safe.


3 thoughts on “Poll Question

  1. I agree with you Heather! I worry about that same thing… that’s why I am thinking about it too. Just FYI, I still love to check out my friends blogs, even if I have to sign in. So, no worries there… I’ll still come visit! I haven’t seen you in forever and it is so nice to be able to keep in touch this way!

  2. I’ll still read your blog even if you make it private but I think you can also have a relatively safe public blog by just being cautious about how much information you give out (no last names, non-specific details about where you live, etc). For example, when I did a post about Jefferson’s first day of school I didn’t mention the school and used a picture of him getting on the bus that didn’t show the school district name on the side. I’ve found old friends through blogs, and vice versa, and a private blog would make that not possible. Just playing devil’s advocate. I’ll support you either way!

  3. A lot of my family has private blogs and I am fine with it. I’ve thought about it as well. We have started to get comments from people we know, but don’t know how they found our blog. How do you install a tracker? I would love to try that first just to see.

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