Too Preschool or Not to Preschool

We are in the process of trying to decide whether or not to send Olivia to preschool. She would have two years of preschool if she starts in the fall. She is pretty smart but I think she would benefit from having the time away from home to learn how to follow directions from someone besides me, then the next year she could really focus on learning before she goes to kindergarten the following year. Any advice would be great!


4 thoughts on “Too Preschool or Not to Preschool

  1. So I love all of the pictures and all of your stories. You have the sweetest little family. I can’t believe how much your kids look like you and Rob. They are a great mixture of both families. As for preschool, we sent Gracie this year and will be sending her again next year. I think the key is to find something that’s more for social reasons the first year so they learn to listen, but aren’t as bored the second year. Gracie has learned a lot, but I feel she still has more she can learn next year. Most of all, she has had fun making friends and seeing what other kids her age are like. I love the sanity it gives me because I miss her while she is gone and want to do stuff with her even more when she is home.

  2. Here comes the opinion of a first time mother and Non-American:In Brazil, kids go to school at 20 months. I think the reasoning is different to what slice of the society you are part of. The school system in Brazil is basically either Piaget or Montessori. So, with all that said…Ella and Nina will be attending Montessori starting in the Fall. I can see so many benefits from it. They love other kids, they love to learn. I can’t wait!

  3. Children are like sponges at Olivia’s age, Heather……pre-school is not only a social outlet but they do in fact learn many basic educational foundations. They are better able to “join in” when they start kindergarten, because of their socialization skills, therefore they are better able to focus on learning….plus….pre-school is F-U-N !!!Love Laurie

  4. If you are still looking for opinions, we have done two years of preschool for both our girls and will do so for Allison next year at Little Scholars in Saratoga Springs. We LOVE it!! If you want to know about this one, call me because I just registered Alli a few weeks ago and they fill up rather fast. They even have a cute little dance class right after school and the teachers walk them to their class so you don’t have to come until afterwards.I figure, if you can give them an advantage and build their confidence, why not?

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