Great Book

When the bishop calls Leah Sorensen to be Relief Society president, her first impulse is to assume he is joking. “They’d all vote against me if you put my name up,” she tells him, “and I’d vote with them.” She’s prickly and proud, a farm widow who doesn’t get along with the town women at all. Why would the Lord want her? Because it’s 1932, the depth of the Great Depression, and, as the bishop tells Leah: “You lost your husband and you didn’t give up. You know how to survive hard times, and some women in our ward don’t. I’m not looking for a nice church lady right now. I’m looking for someone with some grit, and that’s what you’ve got.” But will grit be enough when the opposition begins?

I really enjoyed this book, it made me really proud to be a member of Relief Society.


One thought on “Great Book

  1. Hiya Heather! So I’m working on making my very first, very own blog. I came to check out yours for an example. I like it lots!! Also, I just wanted to tell you that I read this book a few months ago and really liked it. All that harshness of the depression sure made me appreciate what I’ve got/not got.

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