Just When I Thought

As soon as I thought that I had a nice little schedule going on with the kids I decided that it might be time to get Zachary down to one nap. He has been waking up in the wee morning hours and we figured out that it was because he was hungry, so now we are trying to stuff him full right before bed with the hope of getting 6 or 7 hours of straight sleep. It worked last night so hopefully it will continue. I need the break of both kids napping at the same time so I had to move Lu’s nap up too. This week will be kinda interesting for sure! It will be nice for vacation if the kids nap just once at the same time. Hopefully we can all adjust to this new schedule!


4 thoughts on “Just When I Thought

  1. It’s so great when you can get your kids on a napping schedule. Last fall, my almost three year old decided that he was too cool for naps, so now he usually falls asleep in his dinner.Good luck :0)

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