April Holidays

So the kids have both gotten to an age that they need some more interactive fun so I am going to focus on what makes each day special. There is literally a holiday everyday and since Olivia has been so into the “real” holidays we are going to celebrate everyday. This will allow us some days to just read about something new, or make a craft, or explore to learn new things. I am really looking forward to the weather getting nice again too so we can go back outside and run off some of their never ending energy. Here are the holidays for this week if you want to celebrate too 🙂

April 1st April Fool’s Day and One Cent Day
April 2nd Hans Christian Anderson’s Birthday and International Children’s Book Day
April 3rd Find-A-Rainbow Day
April 4th 1st Home Phone Installed in 1877 and NATO Established in 1949
April 5th National Read a Road Map Day
April 6th North Pole Discovered in 1898
April 7th No Housework Day (I am really looking forward to this one) and World Health Day

It should link you to a site to see more about the day if you click on the underlined areas.


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