Here are the rules. Four people will be tagged. You have to answer the questions, then post the people tagged, let them know they are tagged, and then they post the answers on their blog. It is always fun to learn more about people!!!

10 Years ago… see here http://rhozhaslam.blogspot.com/2008/02/10-years-ago.html I had been out of high school for a year and was trying to find my place in the world still. I babysat for a family whose kids were about the ages of my kids now. And I was very busy doing Rainbow stuff.

5 Things On My To Do List Today…
1. This tag 🙂
2. Go to the bank for pennies for One Cent Day with the kids
3. I really should clean our bathrooms
4. Decide on something for dinner
5. Hopefully play with the kids outside if it warms up

If I were a Billionaire… I would build a house very similar to our house now just much nearer to the ocean. I would have houses built for Rob’s and my families nearby, too. I would travel more. I would donate lots of money to helping little kids in other countries. I would hire people to take care of all the things that prevent me from spending quality time with the kids, like a housekeeper, a chef, an errand runner (who would be able to buy nice stylish clothes and accesories for me), and a driver so I would never have to merge into traffic again.

3 Bad Habits…
1. I get mad at Rob for not being able to read my mind.
2. I spend more time on the computer then I should.
3. I am really bad at doing thank you cards.

5 Places I’ve Lived…
1. Harriet, Arkansas
2. Ferndale, Washington
3. Silverdale, Washington
4. South Jordan, Utah
5. Lehi, Utah

5 Jobs I’ve had…
1. Babysitter
2. Berry Picker, this only lasted one day. It was an awful job.
3. Jewelry Store salesperson/assistant manager/manager
4. Best Buy supervisor/customer service rep/admin senior
5. Mommy and Wife

3 Things Most People Don’t Know About Me…
1. I have a tattoo
2. I was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints just over 7 years ago.
3. My high school marching band was in the Tournament of Roses Parade when I was a sophomore so I have been on tv.

I tag Sarah H, Lisa P, Heather H, and Bridget P


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