Disneyland/Southern California

Okay with about 3 weeks until we leave on vacation I am looking for any advice on what you would do at Disneyland/San Diego Zoo/Southern California with our little kids. I know all Olivia wants to do at Disneyland is meet Cinderella (we sure hope she is at the Princess Faire when we go), ride the Casey Jr Train, and see the Crush show over in California Adventure. She is excited to see the pandas at the zoo and go to the beach. We are hoping for good weather and hopefully some time to just relax.

2 thoughts on “Disneyland/Southern California

  1. The Crush show is a must see!practice saying this…..”That SO totally ROCKS!””DUUUUUUDE”We were there in December. The kids had a blast, however, after waiting in line forever to ride on Dumbo, as we sat down in the elephant, my 2 1/2 year old freaked out and started screaming “I can’t ride! I can’t ride!”

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