Great Grandparents Farm Trip

We had such a great time at Great Grandma and Grandpa’s farm on Sunday. The kids loved seeing the lambs, sheep, goats, kids, and llama. I think Zachary liked the farm dog the best, though!
Olivia with Great Grandpa.
Olivia “driving” the tractor.

Zachary in the corral.
Zachary loved the dog.
Zachary with Grandpa.

Meeting the two day old lamb.
Looking at the sheep and goats in the corral.
Great Grandpa with Olivia and Rob with Zachary out in the corral.
Our cute girl.

3 thoughts on “Great Grandparents Farm Trip

  1. Heather – Your family is so cute! We were in Sanpete county this weekend as well and probably saw some of your lambs! My parents have a place in Wales. Hey you have to get with me before California. I’ll email you my number. I should be around tomorrow after noon!

  2. Aw, this made me tear up this morning! I grew up on a sheep ranch, and I miss them so much – especially this time of year, when there are babies. My dad has about 400 head, and we just might have to make the 90 minute drive to visit this weekend! Great pictures!

  3. Hey! Thanks for stopping by :DWhat adorable pictures! I’ll bet they had a wonderful time there.. I love the mountains in the background(I’m partial though, being a CO girl). You got some really great shots of them.

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