Going Private

After much thinking I have decided to make this blog private. Meaning you will have to provide me with your email address if you want to continue reading about our adventures. I have set up a new public blog at http://www.letthembelittleforever.blogspot.com/ that I will be posting to still, just not with pics of us or our names to protect our privacy. Also if you could please not list our last name on your blog if you are linking to us I would really appreciate it. I will be completing this change on May 3rd so you have until then to either post here (I recieve the posts before they are published so I will get your email but it wont be viewed by anyone else) or you can email me or Rob at our emails. Thanks so much!

In answer to a few of the questions I have recieved, no nothing in particular happened to make me change my mind but after a few months of feeling uneasy I figured it must be time to make the change. Thank you for all those of you who have thought it was a good idea, it really has been a hard decision to make. I will be putting most of the links on this blog on the new blog too for those of you who were wondering.


3 thoughts on “Going Private

  1. I was just wondering what sparked your decision to go private? I have people who ask me if I feel okay about having all my information out there for anyone to see, which has caused me to think about it a lot lately. I would just love to know your thoughts. Thx!

  2. Add me to your list for the private blog, please!I’ve been considering doing the same thing but haven’t come to a conclusion yet. I would also be interested in what made you decide to switch.(Oh, and the tag cloud from my page came from http://www.tagcloud-generator.com) Sorry, I didn’t get on the blog last week to answer you sooner!

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