Wheeler Farm

On Wednesday we went to Wheeler Farm, I had never been before but after all the fun we had we will definitely go back. Aunty Jen was able to meet us there, too. There were lots of animals to look at, bags of corn for 50 cents to feed them, and wide open spaces to run around in. We saw brand new ducklings and goslings and a calf that was only a few weeks old. Zachary being the boy that he is liked the tractor display barn.
Comforting Lu after the lamb nibbled on her finger, Zachary cries when she cries which is pretty sweet.
Checking out the corn.
Aren’t we cute?!

Our little cowgirl.
Zachary thought throwing the crushed corn was just the funnest thing ever.
Trying to pet the ducks.
Lu feeding the horse.

Zachary is a runner, he is never still when he is awake.
Looking at the chicks in the incubator, he was just fascinated by them even after one of them pecked at his little fingers. He also got pecked at by the turkey.

The littlest ducklings I have ever seen, they were so cute and tiny.

Visit With My Mom

Okay I know that I am seriously slacking on posting lately so here goes: It was super fun having my mom here for a visit. After our busy shopping day on Sat and then early church on Sunday we had a nice dinner with most of Rob’s family. Monday my mom played with the kids so I could get some stuff done around the house, she thought she wasnt helping but by not having my “little helpers” helping me I got a lot done. Tuesday we took the kids to Gardner Village to see the ducks and go to the candy store, then we went to ride the carousel at South Towne Mall.
Zachary and me at Gardner Village.
Olivia looking at the ducks under the deck.
Looking at the ducks with Grandma Elizabeth.
Riding the carousel, I took a lot of pictures of this event but this was the best of the bunch. Both kids got to ride by themselves with Grandma Elizabeth and then we all rode together, they loved it! Olivia had great fun picking which animal to ride.

Mother’s Day

I had a great pre-Mother’s Day, on Saturday I met my mom (visiting from Washington) and my sister and we got to spend 7 hours shopping. I really needed some new church clothes and shoes and we all had fun shopping together. Then on Sunday I got a sweet card from Rob and another from the kids and a cute Willow Tree figure.

The trip home

Lets just say that the trip home was not fun. The only funny part was in the bathroom where we had lunch a lady said to me “Wow, your little sister looks just like you.” I couldnt even think of a comeback to that. I dont mind that I look young but I really dont think that it looks like Olivia and I could be sisters.

Vacation Day 6

Thursday we went to the San Diego Zoo, the closest place to us that has panda bears. I was so excited to see them! The baby bear was sleeping up in the tree, it was so cute!
Here is one of the adult bears, he was chomping on bamboo.
The hippo swimming under water, Olivia really liked him.
Riding the sky tram back to the bottom of the zoo, why do they build zoos on hills?

Watching the animals.
Cool polar bear statue.
Our little monkeys riding on the polar bear.
My friend Megan and her daughter Abagail. It was so great to see Megan and meet sweet Abagail.

The cute baby giraffe.
Olivia kept picking up the leaves and breaking them up to “feed” the animals. Maybe she will be a zoo-keeper.
The only koala that was awake.
It was a great day at the zoo, the weather was perfect and we had a lot of fun. Olivia really enjoyed the hippos, flamingos, and riding the zoo tour bus.

Vacation Day 5

We spent our 5th day on vacation going to the aquarium and going to see the seals. The day was the coldest that we had on vacation, we tried to take the kids swimming in the morning but it was pretty chilly. We had hoped to go to the beach again but it was just too cold. We decided to try out the aquarium in La Jolla and then go to see the seals. Olivia loved seeing the jelly fish and getting to touch a star fish. Zachary just wanted to run around. Seeing the seals in their environment was fun, but they were kinda smelly.

The seals at Children’s Beach in La Jolla
Zachary, Daddy, and Lu watching the seals.

What a big octopus.
Watching the jelly fish.
Touching the star fish.
Getting eaten by a shark!

Swimming in the kiddie pool

Trying out the big pool.

Vacation Day 3

Monday we went to a really cool sculpture garden(http://www.ci.escondido.ca.us/events/califia/index.html). It was amazing what the artists had done with all the pretty rocks. It was a pretty hot day so Rob took Olivia swimming when we got back and she loved the pool.

Thanks Uncle Dave for the sucker!

After naptime we went to the beach. Oh how I love the beach, it was a little less enjoyable with the kids since we had to make sure they didn’t go in the water by themselves or run to far away but I could still live on the beach. Rob and Dave made a huge sand castle. Olivia had no fear going into the ocean and she told us she liked “fighting the big waves”. Zachary took about a half hour to decided the water was fun and then he didn’t want to come out. He loved playing in the sand with the new shovels. We had a delicious dinner at a little fish-n-chips place right on the harbor.