Vacation Day 3

Monday we went to a really cool sculpture garden( It was amazing what the artists had done with all the pretty rocks. It was a pretty hot day so Rob took Olivia swimming when we got back and she loved the pool.

Thanks Uncle Dave for the sucker!

After naptime we went to the beach. Oh how I love the beach, it was a little less enjoyable with the kids since we had to make sure they didn’t go in the water by themselves or run to far away but I could still live on the beach. Rob and Dave made a huge sand castle. Olivia had no fear going into the ocean and she told us she liked “fighting the big waves”. Zachary took about a half hour to decided the water was fun and then he didn’t want to come out. He loved playing in the sand with the new shovels. We had a delicious dinner at a little fish-n-chips place right on the harbor.

2 thoughts on “Vacation Day 3

  1. Wow – looks like so much fun! I want a week in your condo! Holy Cow! Did you feel like a queen the whole time you were gone? I love getting away and pampering myself a little. Eating out, relaxing with the family, and watching the sun set (on a real beach) is the best relaxation I can think of!

  2. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I miss CA. I used to live there and it was awesome. It is so fun to have family vacations and make all those fun memories.

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