Vacation Day 6

Thursday we went to the San Diego Zoo, the closest place to us that has panda bears. I was so excited to see them! The baby bear was sleeping up in the tree, it was so cute!
Here is one of the adult bears, he was chomping on bamboo.
The hippo swimming under water, Olivia really liked him.
Riding the sky tram back to the bottom of the zoo, why do they build zoos on hills?

Watching the animals.
Cool polar bear statue.
Our little monkeys riding on the polar bear.
My friend Megan and her daughter Abagail. It was so great to see Megan and meet sweet Abagail.

The cute baby giraffe.
Olivia kept picking up the leaves and breaking them up to “feed” the animals. Maybe she will be a zoo-keeper.
The only koala that was awake.
It was a great day at the zoo, the weather was perfect and we had a lot of fun. Olivia really enjoyed the hippos, flamingos, and riding the zoo tour bus.

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