Visit With My Mom

Okay I know that I am seriously slacking on posting lately so here goes: It was super fun having my mom here for a visit. After our busy shopping day on Sat and then early church on Sunday we had a nice dinner with most of Rob’s family. Monday my mom played with the kids so I could get some stuff done around the house, she thought she wasnt helping but by not having my “little helpers” helping me I got a lot done. Tuesday we took the kids to Gardner Village to see the ducks and go to the candy store, then we went to ride the carousel at South Towne Mall.
Zachary and me at Gardner Village.
Olivia looking at the ducks under the deck.
Looking at the ducks with Grandma Elizabeth.
Riding the carousel, I took a lot of pictures of this event but this was the best of the bunch. Both kids got to ride by themselves with Grandma Elizabeth and then we all rode together, they loved it! Olivia had great fun picking which animal to ride.


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