Wheeler Farm

On Wednesday we went to Wheeler Farm, I had never been before but after all the fun we had we will definitely go back. Aunty Jen was able to meet us there, too. There were lots of animals to look at, bags of corn for 50 cents to feed them, and wide open spaces to run around in. We saw brand new ducklings and goslings and a calf that was only a few weeks old. Zachary being the boy that he is liked the tractor display barn.
Comforting Lu after the lamb nibbled on her finger, Zachary cries when she cries which is pretty sweet.
Checking out the corn.
Aren’t we cute?!

Our little cowgirl.
Zachary thought throwing the crushed corn was just the funnest thing ever.
Trying to pet the ducks.
Lu feeding the horse.

Zachary is a runner, he is never still when he is awake.
Looking at the chicks in the incubator, he was just fascinated by them even after one of them pecked at his little fingers. He also got pecked at by the turkey.

The littlest ducklings I have ever seen, they were so cute and tiny.

2 thoughts on “Wheeler Farm

  1. We’re going there this week with Kory’s sister. I grew up not too far from there, but haven’t been forever. Looks like you guys had fun! The picture of you and Zachary is too cute.

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