A Few of our Favorite Things

We got Olivia this game at a garage sale this weekend and she LOVES it, it actually is kinda fun to play a real game with her.

We started watching Signing Time to try to teach Zachary some signs, he could care less but Olivia loves it and has learned tons of signs. Check out their website for some fun activities too.

My favorite sunscreen ever, it isnt greasy or stinky and it doesnt run into my eyes and even better we have yet to get a sunburn all summer when wearing it. Great stuff!

My favorite candy bar and thats saying a lot since I dont really like chocolate that much. They are really hard to find but my sister just gave me two of hers what a great sister!

Fun in the Backyard

So after church and naps yesterday Rob took the kids out to the yard to water the plants and garden. Our kids sure love to be outside and they also love the hose!
Look out here is our future fireman.
Sipping the hose water, ewww!

Olivia with her buggies, again ewww!
Look out here he comes!
Dueling hoses.
Click on this one to see his cute expression, like he is aiming at something!

Not Bad At All

Watching the three kids was not bad at all. Millie is such a sweet little girl and Olivia just loved having her here. I took all of them to WalMart and to the Splash Park, three really wasnt that much harder then two. I guess its time for us to have another baby!
All of the little ones in pjs. Olivia wanted to be twins with Millie and luckily I have two of several of her jammies so we could dress them the same.
Not very in focus but still dang cute!

This week

This week I am tending our neighbors little girl who just turned two! I need to go places with the little monkeys so I dont go crazy. My plan is to go to a couple of stores tomorrow, Wheeler Farm on Thursday morning (and luckily to a bridal shower that night so I will get a little break), and to the Splash Park on Friday morning. Feel free to join us or come over and play, the more the merrier, right?!

Another Tag

How To Play This Game of Tag: Post these rules on your blog. List: 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 random surprising facts about yourself. Tag 3 people at the end of your post by leaving their names.

JOYS (Here are three besides the obvious: my family and my faith)
1. Sleeping
2. Finding cool stuff at garage sales
3. Warm weather, not this 90 degree stuff we have been having

1. Something happening to my husband or kids (I still want to check their breathing if they sleep too long)
2. People not liking me
3. Big spiders

1. Learn how to get the camera to take great pictures
2. Get pregnant
3. Make new friends

1. Photography!
2. Blogging
3. Angel Tree figures

1. I was really involved in band and colorguard (flagteam) in high school, how I miss having those great abs.
2. I was born in Arkansas and lived there until I was 5
3. I really like college football, too bad Rob doesnt!

1. Emma Barrus
2. Kimber Ullery
3. Jen Worthen

Aunty Jen’s New Pool

My sister has moved to a condo that has a pool! Olivia couldn’t be happier. I thought Zachary would like it too but he wanted nothing to do with the water. Rob tried to get Olivia to float but she was not happy about that. She got pretty fast in her floaty though.

Farm Trip

We took a drive down to Mt Pleasant to visit Rob’s grandparents on Saturday. It turned out to be a very long day but the kids had fun playing at the farm. We got to see a real sheep herd being herded which was fun. Zachary had fun climbing and running as usual. Olivia was really into visiting with Great Grandpa.

Splash Park

We went to the splash park on Friday with some friends from the ward. We again got there early before it was crowded and hot. It was really fun. Perfect for little kids. Zachary had the most fun climbing on the fence and playing with the drains. Olivia actually had fun running around in the water and getting squirted. I actually got to talk to some adults, a great day for all of us!

Zoo Trip!

I took the kids to the zoo with some other families from our ward on Tuesday, it was great fun! We left early enough that it wasn’t too terribly hot while we were there. I really liked the white alligator and of course the red panda. Olivia liked the train ride and the elephants and being with her old nursery teacher who she just loves. Zachary liked running around and the birds and animals in the desert area.