Bye Bye Wisdom Teeth

So I can now join the majority of adults and say that I have had my wisdom teeth removed and have had a filling. I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed, I think 8 fillings, and 1 crown done on Thursday. Those were my first fillings ever, I swear that having babies killed my teeth. Rob was nice enough to take Thursday and Friday off to watch the kids and let me recover but I felt really good just really hungry.

3 thoughts on “Bye Bye Wisdom Teeth

  1. Aww, hope you feel better! I got my wisdom teeth out a couple of years ago, and it was not my favorite thing. Eat lots of yummy, soft things!

  2. Yuck!! i’m sorry! I had mine out before I started trying to have babies and it sucked. I feel like my teeth are worse now since kids too! The rob us of our health, it’s true… hope you get feeling better soon!!

  3. I agree that having babies hurts your teeth. I have had a root canal for both kids. WOW! Another thing people don’t tell ya!Anyhow, I hope you feel better.

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