5 Years!

In honor of our 5 yr anniversary here is a fun tag!

1. What date is your anniversary? Today~ June 20th
2.Where did you get married? We were sealed in the Salt Lake City Temple
3. Who proposed and how? Well I forced Rob to ask me after his oh so romantic question of “so when do you think we should?” Really Rob is seriously the romantic one of the two of us but this didn’t turn out to be the proposal of my dreams! He tried to do a better job when he gave me my ring by taking me up behind the capital building where there is a great view of the temple and the city.
4. How long were you engaged? a very long 4 1/2 months
5. What was the favorite part of your wedding day? I would have to say seeing Rob’s expression when he saw me in my wedding dress
6. What would you change if you could? Well I would have loved to have had my family there in the temple with me but my mom and sister were right there when we went in and came out. I would have just had the wedding dinner and not the reception the next day, it was fun and all but we could have taken the money we spent on that and had a lot more fun!

7.Wedding colors? I think they were periwinkle, light pink, and yellow.
8.Do you remember anything special from your ceremony? Any good advice? A comical moment?
Ceremony: Our sealer really focused on the Proclamation to the Family, honestly I wish I could remember more of what he said.
Good advice: Again I am fairly sure someone said something really important but apparently after 5 years I have forgotten a lot of the little details.
Comical moments: I do remember that wearing my wedding dress in the car from the temple to our dinner and then again from our dinner to our hotel was really uncomfortable.
9.Were you clean or messy when you cut your wedding cake? We were very nice with our cake.
10.Where did you go on your honeymoon? We spent our first night at a bed and breakfast in Salt Lake City, our second night in our apartment in Rob’s parents house, and then went for a week to Big Bear, California.
11.How long have you been married now? 5 wonderful years


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