Fun At The Splash Park With the Cousins!

Zachary with Logan.
Puddle jumping!

We had a great morning at the splash park with my SIL and her sweet kids this morning. As usual my kids wanted to snack and sit with us and not go in the water but Olivia actually went near the water towards the end. Zachary enjoyed the playground and the sticky rolls that Trisha brought.

Children’s Museum

We had the fun opportunity to go to the children’s museum up in SLC with our friend Emma and her little girls Ella and Nina (or as Olivia calls them Ellynina). What an absolutely fun wonderful place. The kids loved it. In fact we stayed over an hour past their nap time and they were still going strong. This was seriously the most fun place I have ever taken them. They loved everything: the water area, the ball area, the grocery store and farm, the cars to ride on, the area just for little kids, the cool lady who read and sang and taught them a craft, all of it was great and we didnt even make it upstairs. We will definitely go back! And thanks again Emma for inviting us, we loved going with you!
Utah Children’s Museum
Zachary watching the balls overhead in the tubes.
Zachy placing the balls into the tubes.
Olivia at the ‘plinko’ ball board.
Playing the xylophone.

Zachary pretending to be a block, he thought it was great fun to ride around in the wagon.
Hanging on the crane. Why you ask, who knows he is a crazy kid.
Olivia picked me a bouquet, how sweet!!
Me and the kids. A museum director came over and asked if she could take our picture and told me she was glad to see me on the floor playing with the kids, that was such a great thing to hear from a stranger.
Olivia in the playhouse.

Olivia feeding the horse.
Gathering eggs.
Shopping at the grocery store.
Beep, beep! Look out Zachary is driving!
If this had been real gas it would have been hundreds of dollars worth, the kids were obsessed with filling the tank.

Zachary enjoying the water sprayer.
Lu catching the water.
Row, row, row your boat.
Olivia spent a good part of our time in this little house, she kept calling it her condo and inviting other kids in for a party.
Olivia making the craft.

Fun in the Canyon

Our friends from our neighborhood invited us to join them up American Fork Canyon for dinner and fun on Friday. We sure had a great time, they had a super spot where the river was really shallow so the kids could play in the water safely. Olivia loved throwing rocks to their dog and Zachary of course loved just getting dirty. The kids both enjoyed their smores, too!
Zachary was wet up to his armpits within minutes of getting there!
Zachary sure likes chocolate!

Our 24th of July

For those of you not from Utah, yesterday (the 24th) is a big holiday here. Like my sister Jen said, its a bonus holiday! Its the day we commemorate the entry of Brigham Young and the first group of Mormon Pioneers into the Salt Lake Valley on July 24, 1847. We celebrated by Jen and I going to Target to buy toilet paper, then to Sonic to get lunch to take to Wines Park so the kids could play, then all of us including Rob went to the parade up in Cottonwood Heights after which we walked around their activities. Waiting for the parade to start. We got there about a half hour before it started and were still able to get a great parking spot in the shade and spots for us to watch the parade from right in front and in the shade, lucky us!
Olivia covering her ears when the motorcycle police brigade went by.
One of the princesses.
The lone marching band in the parade.
The only two horses in the parade.
A cool old police car.
What a fun overlay on their four wheeler.
Zachy enjoying the free watermelon.
And Lu enjoying the watermelon, too!

The parade was just the right lenght for our kids, it didn’t have a ton of cool floats or bands or horses but since the big parade happens in Salt Lake in the morning we knew that this wouldn’t be a fantastic parade but it was a great fun way to spend the afternoon and we didn’t have to camp out to get our seats. We enjoyed our free watermelon, too!

Dinosaur Park

I met my friend Tami and her little boy Dallas up at the Ogden Eccles Dinosaur Park. I know Tami from an online parenting forum back from when Olivia was little. She has a sweet little boy Conner just a few months older then Olivia who became the youngest liver transplant recipient in the history of Primary Children’s Medical Center, sadly he continued suffering from health problems and passed away in December of 2006 shortly after his younger brother Dallas was born. I had the opportunity to meet Conner when Olivia was about a year old at the Hogle Zoo, he was adorable and had the sweetest smile. It was great to see her again and to meet Dallas. My favorite little dinosaur. Olivia thought several of the dinosaurs were scary but she liked the ones that had babies or were smaller.
Admiring the rabbits. My question is why does a dinosaur park have one random cage with rabbits in it.
The only other living display at the park, some iguanas. As Olivia said “just like the ones on Diego”. Zachary really found them fascinating.
Our little dinosaur wrangler. They had a few of these fun things where you get to stick your head in and make a funny picture for mom!

Olivia fits in the footprint of whatever dinosaur this “was”.
Looking at the ants. Yep I drove over an hour each way so the kids could look at ants just like the ones in our backyard.
Zachy exploring the “fossil”.
The water fountain, only my kids would find this to be so fascinating.
Olivia pushing Dallas on the swings.
The park was fun but I am still not sure what made someone think making a park of dinosaur statues was something the world needed. Olivia enjoyed pushing Dallas on the swings, the water fountain, and seeing the ducks in the river. Zachary seemed to like most of the dinosaurs, the playground, the water fountain, and the iguanas. I enjoyed getting to visit with Tami!

Mommy Tag

How many loads of laundry do you do every week? At least 10, I don’t mind doing the sorting, washing, and folding I just don’t like putting it all away.

How many toilets do you scrub in a month? Honestly I am not a big toilet scrubber but we have four toilets so at least once a month they get gross enough that I have to clean them.

How many diapers have you changed? At least 8,215 (based on 5 a day for Olivia’s nearly three years and Zachary’s nearly 18 months) and still counting.

How often do you have to empty your vacuum? The downstairs vacuum at least twice a week, the upstairs vacuum once a week.

How many loads of dishes do you do each day? On average at least one but there are many days of two or more.

How often do you scrub your floors? We don’t have many floors that would require scrubbing, I spot clean the kitchen and bathroom floors as needed.

How many boxes of cereal does your family consume in one week? 1 or 2 usually.

How many buckles do you buckle when loading the car? The two kid’s car seats plus mine.

How many gallons of milk do you buy each week? 1 or 2

How much does it cost to fill your vehicle with gas? About $60

How often do you go to Costco or Sam’s? Once a month or so.

How many meals (or equivalent) end up on your kitchen floor? Zachary is a messy eater so a good portion of his food ends up on the floor at every meal.

How many beds have you made in the past year? I straighten our bed most days, the kids beds don’t have sheets so I don’t have to do much in their rooms.

How many baths do you give each week? Every night both kids get a bath together and then any additional baths they decide they need so at least 7 a week but luckily Rob is the primary bath giver I just do the support role!

How many Polly Pocket shoes have you vacuumed? None that I am aware of since we don’t have any Polly Pockets (yet I am sure).

How many air soft BB’s and/or rocks have you found in the washer/dryer? I have found a few rocks but those are mostly Rob’s fault, just in the last week I found a gigantic screw and his sunglasses. I guess I should check his pockets better!

Being a mom is hard work. If you’re a mom, just step back and take a look at what you do every day! Take it in stride and pat yourself on the back. If you’re not- find one and thank them for all they do.

Sometimes Things Dont Go The Way You Plan

So last week was not the best week we have ever had. Feel free to skip my vent if you wish!

It all started early Monday morning when Olivia went to the hospital to get her teeth fixed. She ended up getting 7 crowns. She had to be completely sedated in order to do this which involved getting an IV and a tube down her throat. Rob took her and all went well, thankfully. The bad part was the absolutely horrible mood she was in when she came out of it. What a cranky crabby girl. Also thankfully she woke up feeling (and acting normal) on Tuesday.

Tuesday I got my period. No woman likes to get their period but it was especially no fun since we really have been trying to get pregnant again. And again weren’t successful. Well I did say I wanted an April baby and if all goes well this month that is when the baby would be due. I am sure that Heavenly Father is preparing a special baby for us but its hard when it seems like everyone else is pregnant right now. Not that I should complain since Olivia and Zachary came so quickly and easily to us.

I did take the kids to the splash park on Tuesday and again they really didn’t want to play in the water but I had fun visiting with the other moms.

Wednesday we went to our ward’s mothers lunch and had a great time. Olivia loved playing with the other little girls, but we didn’t get to play for very long since it was nearly nap time and we don’t mess with nap time. That night Zachary got the worse diaper rash either of the kids has ever had. Poor little guy has not had a happy bum and poor mommy is tired of all the poo and bathes and diaper creams. Olivia also started complaining that her ear hurt so two whinny kids in pain makes for grumpy parents.

Thursday we had planned on going to the American Fork kid’s parade but Rob’s dentist appointment took forever so we missed that. That put me in a bad mood and then Rob was in a bad mood since he was hungry when he came home and there wasn’t anything for dinner (we were planning on eating at the parade). Lets just say that it is not a good combination when both of us are in bad moods!

Friday we planned on going to a family reunion but the kid’s activities started at 4pm which didn’t work so well since Rob wouldn’t be done working until 5pm and the reunion was in Murray. We could have gone to the dinner at 6pm but driving up there for food and then turning around and driving all the way back home just didn’t sound like much fun so we again stayed home. We also got a letter from Olivia’s preschool and her teacher had been changed so that caused some stress (its going to work out thanks to a dear friend in the ward).

Saturday we went to some garage sales and luckily ended up finding some things toward the end of the morning. That evening was Rob’s work party, which is always on a very hot Saturday in July. The kids were in rotten moods, it was hot, they didn’t want to eat the food even the cotton candy and snow cones, Olivia claimed she had to go potty but wouldn’t actually go, and they didn’t want to do any of the fun things, I think next year we will get a babysitter and go without them.

Luckily Sunday was a pretty good day. Zachary is now just three weeks away from nursery so we can see the light at the end of the tunnel! It was my turn to take him to Relief Society and for the first time in forever he was really good. He kept playing in the curtains which was pretty cute. The lesson was wonderful and really made me think about Stephanie and Camille. (see here

Okay that ends my venting. Hopefully this week will be better!