Wild West Jordan Playground

I took the kids to a HUGE playground in West Jordan today. It was hot but we had a good time. I got to go through most of the playground with them and explore just like I was a little kid! What a great place for kids and best of all it is mostly fenced in so the kids couldnt have really escaped if I had lost sight of them. There are lots of stairs which Zachary just loved and lots of boats, wagons, firetrucks, and other things to “drive” and pretend with.
Olivia getting ready to “drive” the wagon.
Well at least one of them likes swings.
It was this one in case you couldnt tell!

Just part of the playground.
Cute play boat.
Lu on the climbing wall.
Playing in the sand.

Riding the bouncy plane in the little playground next to the big playground.
The Wild West Jordan Playground. See the big slide? I took both kids down at the same time with me, it was an adventure for sure!
Looking in!

5 thoughts on “Wild West Jordan Playground

  1. Heather, you’re just cool. I love to check your blog to find the next fun place to go around town. We went to the splash pad a couple of times this last week and the kids loved it! I’ll have to go find this fun park now for the next adventure.Thanks!

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