What a busy week!

We had a busy week and even busier 4th of July weekend, I am ready for a new week!
We had the privilage of going to my friend Rachel’s wedding reception on Tuesday. Her brother was the elder who baptised me and then I lived with Rachel when I moved to Utah. Olivia was thrilled to see a real bride but she got a little shy when we got to the front of the reception line. Then we met Grandma and Grandpa at their friends house where Olivia got to swim in their big pool. Zachary again wanted nothing to do with the water but he had fun hitting people with the pool noodles.
Some more fun at the splash park with our ward’s playgroup.

Both kids seem to spend more time eating snacks then playing in the water.
The kids just hanging around. 🙂
Rob got all this food at NPS for just $15 after tax, good deals! I really like the Fruitabu fruit rollups, I dont think I will share them with the kids!
We took the kids to the Provo Balloon Festival really early on the 4th, this was my favorite balloon.
The kids watching the balloons.

Cool shot of the balloon going right over us.
Me and Lu.
Rob spent the rest of 4th of July painting our downstairs. I spend the day keeping the kids either upstairs or outside. Not the funnest day we have ever had. And being the strict bedtime people we are, our kids didnt see a single firework. Lame, I know!
On the 5th we went to the few garage sales we could find and then Rob painted the rest of the downstairs and I kept the kids upstairs. Then we went to Rob’s parents house for a party with all the cousins.
Olivia having fun with Uncle John at our family party on the 5th.
Zachary stuck in a truck!
Then today (Sunday) we went to Rob’s cousins baby blessing at Rob’s parents ward. Their baby is just adorable. Then we tried to get the kids to nap and had a yummy dinner with the grandparents.
What a week! I am ready for Monday, except that most of our furniture is still in the middle of all the rooms downstairs, I guess that gives me a chance to vacuum all those hard to get places!

6 thoughts on “What a busy week!

  1. Here is my answer to what NPS is: NPS is a grocery outlet up in SLC kinda by the airport. Here is their website: http://www.npsstore.com/ They sell an interesting assortment of things from produce, to health and beauty aids, to party supplies, you just never know what they might have when you go. Honestly I perfer when Rob brings stuff home because the store doesnt ever seem to clean and I hate for the kids to touch unknown germs! 🙂 They usually have good deals on stuff though, Rob paid about .13 cents for each box of stuff he bought last week. Hope that helps!

  2. Have you checked out Pinchingyourpennies.com? They show you how to find deals online, in grocery stores, just about anywhere for just about anything. It’s always sweet when you can come home with deals like that!BTW, I’m confused about where you guys are living now. I thought you were in Eagle Mountain. Are you really close to the splash pad? We love that place, btw. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. Rachel looked beautiful! Was Trevor there? What is he up too? Thanks for the info on NPS. I love saving mo0ney. Looks like you had a fun but busy week. We so need to get together. I really think I may be able to fit it in soon. The mission reunion is this Saturday. Maybe Trevor will show there. I would love to talk tot hat boy.

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