Right Now Tag

Well it took me over a day to get this done so feel free to take your time but do try to do it!

This one is fun because it is spontaneous, not rehearsed, and real! I love real! So here goes, a splice of my life right now! Take a picture (NO cleaning up first!) of 1-laundry room, 2-kitchen sink, 3-open fridge, 4-a toilet, 5-favorite place in the house, 6-your bedroom, 7-what your kids are doing right now, 8-your closet, 9-favorite shoes, 10-self portrait

Here are my pics in some crazy order thanks to blogger! I will figure it out someday!
Our bed and what the kids were doing at that moment.
My part of our closet.
My new favorite shoes.
Me 🙂

Our laundry room.
Our kitchen sink.
Our fridge.
Our downstairs potty.
Our front room/playroom which is probably my favorite room.

2 thoughts on “Right Now Tag

  1. So nice to know you are normal. Every time I read you r blog I think, “how does she do it all…” Well, you do it by enjoying your kids and loving life. Your house isn’t perfect, but it’s better than mine. You make me smile! I love you tons and thanks for the smile. I needed it today!

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