So better late then never right? We went to Yellowstone for Memorial Day weekend to visit my dad who lives up there. It started to snow on our drive up there and when we arrived it was snowing there, like really snowing and sticking to things, not my idea of fun I was ready to go home. We went to see an IMAX movie and the kids actually watched the whole thing and were pretty quiet and good, I was amazed since they have never been to a movie before. My dad got us a wonderful apartment to stay at that had a kitchen and a separate bedroom for the kids. It had a fun little loft area that Olivia got to sleep in.

The next day my dad took us on a tour of the park and since he is a tour guide during the busy seasons up there he was able to tell us a lot of fun things and knew just where to go to see the wildlife. We saw five bears just yards from the van, and of course lots of elk and bison. Olivia loved seeing the bison in the road and continually asked us “who pooped there”. I love the smell of the geysers but Olivia kept telling us they were stinky.

My sister met us up there for the rest of the weekend so the kids of course loved having Aunty Jen along. We learned that Old Faithful is really not that fun to see in the fog, clouds, and drizzle. We spotted a wolf pack across a valley but through the spotting scope could see them “up close”. The kids did really well with all of the driving throughout the park and with the cold, I was so glad I had brought their winter coats now if I only would have brought mine. After seeing lots more of the park we went to dinner and walked around some of West Yellowstone, including a visit to the candy store.

On Sunday we went to church, their ward was as big as ours (which is currently at nearly 600 people) but theirs were all adults, of course most of us were probably visiting but it was still a wonderful meeting to attend. Then we went to the Wolf and Bear Discovery Center where you can see the animals up close, Zachary had the best time playing in the bear traps. We went to lunch at my dad’s where Olivia got to play somemore with his dogs who she adores, then it was time for the drive home!

Here are some of our favorite pics, enjoy!


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