Mommy Tag

How many loads of laundry do you do every week? At least 10, I don’t mind doing the sorting, washing, and folding I just don’t like putting it all away.

How many toilets do you scrub in a month? Honestly I am not a big toilet scrubber but we have four toilets so at least once a month they get gross enough that I have to clean them.

How many diapers have you changed? At least 8,215 (based on 5 a day for Olivia’s nearly three years and Zachary’s nearly 18 months) and still counting.

How often do you have to empty your vacuum? The downstairs vacuum at least twice a week, the upstairs vacuum once a week.

How many loads of dishes do you do each day? On average at least one but there are many days of two or more.

How often do you scrub your floors? We don’t have many floors that would require scrubbing, I spot clean the kitchen and bathroom floors as needed.

How many boxes of cereal does your family consume in one week? 1 or 2 usually.

How many buckles do you buckle when loading the car? The two kid’s car seats plus mine.

How many gallons of milk do you buy each week? 1 or 2

How much does it cost to fill your vehicle with gas? About $60

How often do you go to Costco or Sam’s? Once a month or so.

How many meals (or equivalent) end up on your kitchen floor? Zachary is a messy eater so a good portion of his food ends up on the floor at every meal.

How many beds have you made in the past year? I straighten our bed most days, the kids beds don’t have sheets so I don’t have to do much in their rooms.

How many baths do you give each week? Every night both kids get a bath together and then any additional baths they decide they need so at least 7 a week but luckily Rob is the primary bath giver I just do the support role!

How many Polly Pocket shoes have you vacuumed? None that I am aware of since we don’t have any Polly Pockets (yet I am sure).

How many air soft BB’s and/or rocks have you found in the washer/dryer? I have found a few rocks but those are mostly Rob’s fault, just in the last week I found a gigantic screw and his sunglasses. I guess I should check his pockets better!

Being a mom is hard work. If you’re a mom, just step back and take a look at what you do every day! Take it in stride and pat yourself on the back. If you’re not- find one and thank them for all they do.


One thought on “Mommy Tag

  1. hey Heather, how do you have four toilets? We only have three, and I thought we had the same house plan!I remember the days that you are talking about. Give yourself about 20 years and you’ll only have to do about 6 loads a week, buy milk every other week and lots of other things will be different, too!

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