Sometimes Things Dont Go The Way You Plan

So last week was not the best week we have ever had. Feel free to skip my vent if you wish!

It all started early Monday morning when Olivia went to the hospital to get her teeth fixed. She ended up getting 7 crowns. She had to be completely sedated in order to do this which involved getting an IV and a tube down her throat. Rob took her and all went well, thankfully. The bad part was the absolutely horrible mood she was in when she came out of it. What a cranky crabby girl. Also thankfully she woke up feeling (and acting normal) on Tuesday.

Tuesday I got my period. No woman likes to get their period but it was especially no fun since we really have been trying to get pregnant again. And again weren’t successful. Well I did say I wanted an April baby and if all goes well this month that is when the baby would be due. I am sure that Heavenly Father is preparing a special baby for us but its hard when it seems like everyone else is pregnant right now. Not that I should complain since Olivia and Zachary came so quickly and easily to us.

I did take the kids to the splash park on Tuesday and again they really didn’t want to play in the water but I had fun visiting with the other moms.

Wednesday we went to our ward’s mothers lunch and had a great time. Olivia loved playing with the other little girls, but we didn’t get to play for very long since it was nearly nap time and we don’t mess with nap time. That night Zachary got the worse diaper rash either of the kids has ever had. Poor little guy has not had a happy bum and poor mommy is tired of all the poo and bathes and diaper creams. Olivia also started complaining that her ear hurt so two whinny kids in pain makes for grumpy parents.

Thursday we had planned on going to the American Fork kid’s parade but Rob’s dentist appointment took forever so we missed that. That put me in a bad mood and then Rob was in a bad mood since he was hungry when he came home and there wasn’t anything for dinner (we were planning on eating at the parade). Lets just say that it is not a good combination when both of us are in bad moods!

Friday we planned on going to a family reunion but the kid’s activities started at 4pm which didn’t work so well since Rob wouldn’t be done working until 5pm and the reunion was in Murray. We could have gone to the dinner at 6pm but driving up there for food and then turning around and driving all the way back home just didn’t sound like much fun so we again stayed home. We also got a letter from Olivia’s preschool and her teacher had been changed so that caused some stress (its going to work out thanks to a dear friend in the ward).

Saturday we went to some garage sales and luckily ended up finding some things toward the end of the morning. That evening was Rob’s work party, which is always on a very hot Saturday in July. The kids were in rotten moods, it was hot, they didn’t want to eat the food even the cotton candy and snow cones, Olivia claimed she had to go potty but wouldn’t actually go, and they didn’t want to do any of the fun things, I think next year we will get a babysitter and go without them.

Luckily Sunday was a pretty good day. Zachary is now just three weeks away from nursery so we can see the light at the end of the tunnel! It was my turn to take him to Relief Society and for the first time in forever he was really good. He kept playing in the curtains which was pretty cute. The lesson was wonderful and really made me think about Stephanie and Camille. (see here

Okay that ends my venting. Hopefully this week will be better!


4 thoughts on “Sometimes Things Dont Go The Way You Plan

  1. I hope you have a better week! Some weeks just seem like not much goes right. Hope you get pg VERY soon! You were always such a cute little pregnant lady. Good luck!

  2. Ahh! I’m sorry that you had a disappointing week. Those are never fun. Your baby will come. Promise (ya, guess I’m not the one who can promise that ;)). It’s no fun when it takes a while. It took us a year and some magic to get Tru here. Hope you kids are in good spirits this week and not so grumpy!!!

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