Dinosaur Park

I met my friend Tami and her little boy Dallas up at the Ogden Eccles Dinosaur Park. I know Tami from an online parenting forum back from when Olivia was little. She has a sweet little boy Conner just a few months older then Olivia who became the youngest liver transplant recipient in the history of Primary Children’s Medical Center, sadly he continued suffering from health problems and passed away in December of 2006 shortly after his younger brother Dallas was born. I had the opportunity to meet Conner when Olivia was about a year old at the Hogle Zoo, he was adorable and had the sweetest smile. It was great to see her again and to meet Dallas. My favorite little dinosaur. Olivia thought several of the dinosaurs were scary but she liked the ones that had babies or were smaller.
Admiring the rabbits. My question is why does a dinosaur park have one random cage with rabbits in it.
The only other living display at the park, some iguanas. As Olivia said “just like the ones on Diego”. Zachary really found them fascinating.
Our little dinosaur wrangler. They had a few of these fun things where you get to stick your head in and make a funny picture for mom!

Olivia fits in the footprint of whatever dinosaur this “was”.
Looking at the ants. Yep I drove over an hour each way so the kids could look at ants just like the ones in our backyard.
Zachy exploring the “fossil”.
The water fountain, only my kids would find this to be so fascinating.
Olivia pushing Dallas on the swings.
The park was fun but I am still not sure what made someone think making a park of dinosaur statues was something the world needed. Olivia enjoyed pushing Dallas on the swings, the water fountain, and seeing the ducks in the river. Zachary seemed to like most of the dinosaurs, the playground, the water fountain, and the iguanas. I enjoyed getting to visit with Tami!

4 thoughts on “Dinosaur Park

  1. I love the things kids find fascinating. I’m glad they had a good time, one way or the other. You’re so great about taking your kids to do lots of fun things! What a good mommy!

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