Our 24th of July

For those of you not from Utah, yesterday (the 24th) is a big holiday here. Like my sister Jen said, its a bonus holiday! Its the day we commemorate the entry of Brigham Young and the first group of Mormon Pioneers into the Salt Lake Valley on July 24, 1847. We celebrated by Jen and I going to Target to buy toilet paper, then to Sonic to get lunch to take to Wines Park so the kids could play, then all of us including Rob went to the parade up in Cottonwood Heights after which we walked around their activities. Waiting for the parade to start. We got there about a half hour before it started and were still able to get a great parking spot in the shade and spots for us to watch the parade from right in front and in the shade, lucky us!
Olivia covering her ears when the motorcycle police brigade went by.
One of the princesses.
The lone marching band in the parade.
The only two horses in the parade.
A cool old police car.
What a fun overlay on their four wheeler.
Zachy enjoying the free watermelon.
And Lu enjoying the watermelon, too!

The parade was just the right lenght for our kids, it didn’t have a ton of cool floats or bands or horses but since the big parade happens in Salt Lake in the morning we knew that this wouldn’t be a fantastic parade but it was a great fun way to spend the afternoon and we didn’t have to camp out to get our seats. We enjoyed our free watermelon, too!


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