Children’s Museum

We had the fun opportunity to go to the children’s museum up in SLC with our friend Emma and her little girls Ella and Nina (or as Olivia calls them Ellynina). What an absolutely fun wonderful place. The kids loved it. In fact we stayed over an hour past their nap time and they were still going strong. This was seriously the most fun place I have ever taken them. They loved everything: the water area, the ball area, the grocery store and farm, the cars to ride on, the area just for little kids, the cool lady who read and sang and taught them a craft, all of it was great and we didnt even make it upstairs. We will definitely go back! And thanks again Emma for inviting us, we loved going with you!
Utah Children’s Museum
Zachary watching the balls overhead in the tubes.
Zachy placing the balls into the tubes.
Olivia at the ‘plinko’ ball board.
Playing the xylophone.

Zachary pretending to be a block, he thought it was great fun to ride around in the wagon.
Hanging on the crane. Why you ask, who knows he is a crazy kid.
Olivia picked me a bouquet, how sweet!!
Me and the kids. A museum director came over and asked if she could take our picture and told me she was glad to see me on the floor playing with the kids, that was such a great thing to hear from a stranger.
Olivia in the playhouse.

Olivia feeding the horse.
Gathering eggs.
Shopping at the grocery store.
Beep, beep! Look out Zachary is driving!
If this had been real gas it would have been hundreds of dollars worth, the kids were obsessed with filling the tank.

Zachary enjoying the water sprayer.
Lu catching the water.
Row, row, row your boat.
Olivia spent a good part of our time in this little house, she kept calling it her condo and inviting other kids in for a party.
Olivia making the craft.

2 thoughts on “Children’s Museum

  1. i think i need to take a 1/2 day, or a day off, and go play with you next time. it looks like there is a great varity of entertainment and toys. very fun! you are a great mom – the kids will appreciate all the adventures you take them on in the future.

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