Thanksgiving Point

All of the Tuesdays in August are just $2 a person to get into the dinosaur musuem or farm country or the gardens. The kids and I met up with some neighbors and all the cousins on Tuesday. It was crazy busy but we had a great time. My kids are a little small to really care about dinosaurs but they liked the water exhibit and the sand pit to “dig” for dinosaurs. The funniest part to me was when a sweet boy asked me to pass him the triceretops and I looked down saw three little plastic dinosaurs but had no idea which was which, thanks to my friend Heather for helping me out!

We had planned on going to the gardens that evening but it was too stormy this week, hopefully we will make it there next week.

One thought on “Thanksgiving Point

  1. We were there too! Well, we started out at the museum and ended up at Farm Country. I am amazed you braved it! Looks like you had fun though. We so need to figure out when we can get together. It seems like we just keep missing each other.

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