First Day of Preschool

Well sorta, today was just a quick meet the teacher/find the classroom/get out of the house by 9am open house/dry run at Olivia’s preschool. She was the second kid in her class and wouldnt you know it the other kid picked the purple cubby so she choose red instead, perhaps because it was right below the purple one! I am wondering if she is taking after my sister and I for the honor of getting to hold the class sign (ie being the shortest kid in the class), every kid I saw come in was quite a big bigger then her. The funniest part of the day was when I sat down to fill out some paperwork and she turned to me and said “you can go now”. Ummm, I guess letting go is going much easier for her then for me. She starts her full schedule on Wednesday. And thanks again to Emma for watching Zachary for me!

4 thoughts on “First Day of Preschool

  1. That’s funny. Abby did the same kind of thing her first day of preschool. When she came home, she got to call my mom and tell her all about her first day of school and she said “I love Mrs. Balls and Mommy missed me.” It was so cute.

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