Thanksgiving Point

Tuesdays in August are just $2 a person to get into each venue at Thanksgiving Point so we went to the gardens on Tuesday night. We tried to get a good family picture but our kids were not cooperating plus I didnt take the time to straighten my hair or put on any makeup. The gardens are beautiful but wear bug spray, the kids have a few nasty mosquito bites now.
If Zachary could sit still this one would have been cute!
Sweet girl, playing in the grass.
Not too bad of a picture.
Fun bridge, crazy kids!

Awww, arent we cute?!
Playing in the fountain with Aunty Jen.
Lu smelling the flowers.
Zachy loved sitting up on this arch, the kid has no fear, in fact it was the best smile we got all night!
Not too bad of a picture, with the exception of the random kids running in the background.

Pretty waterfalls.
Rob and Zachy checking out the waterfalls.
Lu checking out the river.
Down by the waterfalls, and a shot of Lu’s tummy.
See what a cute family we are, just ignore the crying/pouting children.

5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Point

  1. Fun times! We went to the dino museum down there too! I would LOVE to take your family’s picture. I travel to locations and of course have my little studio. It only costs $50, includes all the digital files, photoshop stuff, etc. He he!

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