My Shopping Trip

So my goal with Olivia starting preschool was that I would do the shopping by myself, now this is a big deal since while I like to save money using coupons I HATE giving them to the cashier which is why Rob shops with us because he doesn’t care. I went to Walgreen’s and Smiths today and got:

At Walgreen’s:
2 packages of sticky notes (.39 cents each)
2 packages of sour lifesaver candy (on sale for $1.39 each, not a super deal but oh so yummy)
3 packages of plastic silverware (.39 cents each)
1 package of 24 permanent markers (on sale for $6.99 and then I had a $3 off coupon)
3 packages of page protectors (.39 cents each)
1 bottle of pert plus ($5.99, they didn’t have the free after rebate kind but I used a $2 off coupon so that I could do the buy $5 worth of pert and $5 worth of school supplies get $5 back rebate, so not as good of a deal as I had hoped)
2 dove shampoos (they are buy one get one free and I used a $2 off coupon so total was 2.99 for both)
2 bio organics shampoos (they are $5.99 each but free after Walgreen’s rebate)
2 fruit sensations gums (I used a buy 1 get 1 free coupon)
2 packages of razors (I used a buy 1 get 1 free coupon)
and I used a $5 off of a $20 purchase coupon
So my total was 36.61 with a savings of 34.19 not including the 16.98 I will get back from the rebates. Walgreen’s didn’t have everything I wanted but the employees were very nice today which was much better then my last trip there.

At Smiths
3 jellos and 1 jar of peanuts for 3.26 (I used a buy 3 products save $3 on planters, this can supposedly be done with koolaid packets but I was too chicken to try)
1 angel food cake mix (free using my smiths coupon that came in the mail)
2 buddies soaps (used my $2 off coupon so they were free)
8 juicy juices (on sale for $2.50 each, then I used a $1 off coupon on each plus when you spend $20 on certain products you get an additional $5 off)
5 bags of chocolate chips (on sale for $2.50 each, then I used a .55 cents off coupon on each)
4 pounds of chicken breasts (on sale for $6.96, then I used the $1.75 Smiths coupon that came in the mail)
1 gerber graduates yogurt puffs (I have a mail in rebate to make them free)
1 gerber toddler soup
Now this deal would have been better if I knew how to add better I was about $4 away from getting another $5 off, I guess that is why Rob shops with us!
But I spent $33.86 and saved $31.98 so not bad. Smiths had everything we wanted which was nice, but I didn’t see any new rebates in the beer aisle.

Update: Rob laughed at me for not being able to add and when we went back that night to get some yummy fried chicken (which will be free after rebate) he asked customer service if we bought more items if they would adjust our receipt and they were happy to let us do that. So all is well that ends well!


4 thoughts on “My Shopping Trip

  1. I really wish this couponing stuff made sense to me. I don’t know what’s wrong with my brain. Arianne has tried to explain it all, but I never get good deals like that! Good job!

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