Here Comes Baby #3

We are excited to announce that baby #3 is due in late April. I have not been feeling real well but the last two days I have felt lots better so hopefully this continues. Olivia is sure that it is two baby girls, I have an appointment at the end of the month so perhaps the doctor can check that for me! I would guess it is a girl since I was never sick with Zachary and sick most mornings with Olivia. Zachary will have turned two in Feb and Olivia four in March, so we are doing really well having a baby every two years!

17 thoughts on “Here Comes Baby #3

  1. Heather, I’m so excited I found your blog! You have such a cute family, and that’s so cool your expecting baby #3! Your kid are so cute, I’m so happy for you! We’ll have to get together sometime soon, for lunch! Fun!

  2. Yay!!! Congrats Heather 🙂 I will anxiously wait to hear all your updates about #3 I’m think about getting pregnant early next year but get nervous if I should wait or just go for it! And I REALLY hope you start to feel better, hang n’ there 😛

  3. Yippee!! That’s so fun. You are such a brave mamma. I hope your children will show you great amounts of gratitude some day for making them brothers and sisters. So I felt sicker with Cambria, but I also felt sick with Canyon, so I guess you never know what your gonna get . . . until the Dr. says so ofcourse.

  4. Congratulations again guys! I’m so excited for you.The third one definitely does make life more interesting, but they are so worth it!Thanks so much for having us over. The girls LOVED playing and can’t wait to see Olivia again. We’ll have to return the favor and have you up to our house.

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