Our Not So Little Man

Our little man is growing up. He is looking more like a toddler then a baby and he is certainly acting like an almost 2 year old! This weekend he started nodding yes in response to questions, its so cute to see his little head going up and down. He can point to his head, nose, belly, and foot and to himself when you ask him “where is Zach”? Zachary loves to have daddy lift him up to the elk so he can touch it, he loves his blankies and stuffed animals, and is a great sleeper most of the time. He adores his big sister and gets super excited to see her at pickup time from preschool. We sure love our sweet little guy.

Little Witches Weekend

After wearing the kids out at Thanksgiving Point we took them to Gardener Village for Little Witches Weekend. Zachary was not a happy camper since I broke our big rule of “never wake a sleeping kid”, he reminded me yet again why we have this rule. Olivia had fun dancing and making her very own witches hat. The kids wanted nothing to do with my plan of getting a cute picture of them together.
Umm, hey guys look at the camera.
Again the camera.
Olivia making her cute hat with Aunty Jen.
The hat after it was decorated.

The last attempt of the night for a good picture, again not successful.

Barnyard Boo

While Rob went deer hunting this weekend, the kids and I and Aunty Jen went to Thanksgiving Point’s Barnyard Boo. It was just right for our little kids, they had fun “booling”, going on a pony ride, decorating cookies, digging in a “grave yard” for bones, throwing balls through pumpkin cutouts, and of course seeing the farm animals.
Saying “hi” to the goat.
Petting the cute cow.
Future NFL stars!
Go pony, go!

Zachary thought that this cat was super fun.

Woolly Worm

One day in September when we got home from getting Olivia from preschool we found a woolly worm in our flower bed. The kids had the best time with our new little friend and were very sad when a few days later I made them let it go.

Wheeler Farm

Way back at the beginning of September Rob went to help a friend pour some cement at his house so I took the kids to Aunty Jen’s house with the intention on going to the State Fair but the whole way there Olivia kept asking to go to Wheeler Farm so we changed our plans and went there instead. The kids love feeding the animals the corn you can buy there and seeing all the fun farm animals.
It looks like they are having a conversation.
Feeding the donkeys.
Olivia’s dusty hand print on the cow.
Me and the kids.

We are alive

Yes we are still alive. I am thinking I am finally getting over my pregnancy ickys and I got rid of my awful head cold so I think I am about ready to move back into the land of the living. We haven’t done much, I think we took a total of 50 pictures all of September. Rob is deer hunting this weekend so Jen came to help me with the kids, we have some fun stuff planned to do tomorrow maybe I will even take pictures! The weather lately has been crazy, we had snow on Sunday morning but then the last few days have been in the low 70s in the afternoons which is super for playing outside and wearing the kids out! Zachary is starting to talk, I am sure I am about the only one who understands his words but its good to see him starting to learn some words finally. Olivia is loving preschool, she adores her teacher which is great.