Little Witches Weekend

After wearing the kids out at Thanksgiving Point we took them to Gardener Village for Little Witches Weekend. Zachary was not a happy camper since I broke our big rule of “never wake a sleeping kid”, he reminded me yet again why we have this rule. Olivia had fun dancing and making her very own witches hat. The kids wanted nothing to do with my plan of getting a cute picture of them together.
Umm, hey guys look at the camera.
Again the camera.
Olivia making her cute hat with Aunty Jen.
The hat after it was decorated.

The last attempt of the night for a good picture, again not successful.

2 thoughts on “Little Witches Weekend

  1. Heather your kids are so cute! We did almost the exact samethings this past weekend! I’m surprise we didn’t run into each other! I love Gardner village, they always have the best decorations! I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling good! That’s so hard, hopefully the worst is over!

  2. Cute kids!!! I went to Gardner’s Village last year for the first time, loved it…just wish I had a good chunk of the green to spand there, SO many cute Halloween decorations! I love the top pic where Olivia looks like “okay Mom, I’m over it, take the picture already!”–How are you feeling? And how long do I have to wait to find out what you are having 🙂

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