"L" and "M"

For “L” I am thankful for the Laying on of Hands and for “M” I am thankful for Missionaries.
For some fun “L” websites checkout Lets Explore and Little Birdie Secrets. And now some fun “M”s Make and Takes and Mormon Mommy Wars.
For “L” I am thankful for lemons, I love lemons, they are so pretty to start with but they taste so good too, just think of lemonade and lemon meringue pie. For “M” I am thankful for mothers, I love my mom and cant wait to see her in under two weeks!

"J" and "K"

Here come some more things I am thankful for!

For the letter “J” I am thankful for Jesus. For “K” I am thankful for Knowing I will have a place in Heaven.

I don’t have a “J” website that I use that often but for “K” I love KSL, we use their classifieds for all sorts of fun things.

I must be hungry since one of my favorite “J” things are Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, especially toasted marshmallow and one of my favorite “K” things is Kettle Corn. YUM!

More Hair Cut Pics

After months of saying it was time to get our hair cut, Olivia and I finally did on Monday. Our wonderful neighbor chopped off lots of hair for us, our heads are much lighter now! Now if only Gina could style mine everyday!
Cutting the braid off.

Getting a cute new do!

Me and Lu with our new short hair.

Our hair waiting to be mailed to Locks of Love.

I think she likes it! I love not having to fight with her over the tangles. 🙂


I am thankful for Inspiration, both personal and that of others, Heavenly Father does still communicate with us.

Another website I like is I Never Grew Up, anyplace that inspires me with fun things to do with the kids is tops to me!

I love ice cream, growing up my favorites were the blue bubblegum kind and rainbow sherbet, and I do still like them today. I also like the cotton candy kind at Cold Stone, especially with gummy bears mixed in. But lately I am a fan of the cookies and cream variety from Smiths.

"H" and our new haircuts

I am thankful for the Holy Ghost, sometimes it is hard to listen to and obey the promptings but when I do it always is wonderful. I am also thankful for all the wonderful Hymns, nothing brings calm quicker to my frazzled self then some good music.

For my fun website of the day I choose Hostess With The Mostess, there are some really fun ideas on there!

I am super thankful for Olivia’s and my new hair cuts, my head feels so much lighter and Olivia no longer freaks out when we have to brush her tangley hair. Now if Gina could just blow-dry and curl it for me everyday! Luckily Olivia’s hair is relatively straight and nicely curls under without much help from me because I am pretty sure she wouldn’t let me use a curling iron on it.


I am thankful for our general authorities, Olivia loves this Youtube video LDS General Authority song.

I am still learning how to use google reader but it does make reading blogs a lot easier since you know who has something new posted.

I am thankful for the garden that we had this summer, I know as we learn what grows well and where things grow best we will be able to have even more yummy produce and fruit from our backyard and nothing is cuter then Olivia digging for carrots!


I am thankful for Family Home Evening, although we don’t do the traditional every Monday night thing we read a story from The Friend every night after bath time to the kids, Olivia calls this family home evening and until the kids are bigger this works for us! I am also thankful for Family History, its fun to learn about family members that came before us.

One of my most visited websites is facebook, if you aren’t on there you should be!

I love my family of course but we all love free stuff! The sites I most often use to get them are Freebies 4 Mom and Fatwallet (the freebies forum is easy if you use it in Google Reader). And for my hometown of Ferndale, Washington, go Golden Eagles!


In these uncertain time I am glad we have started on our Emergency Preparedness, having food storage and 72 hour kits can only be a good thing!

“E” is harder for websites but this one goes along with emergency preparedness so it wins for today! Everyday Food Storage

And for the fun thing, I am thankful for all the beauties of the Earth, we are so blessed to have mountains, streams, oceans, rolling fields of grain, and the list could just go on and on.


I really like our Dating standards for the youth of our church, now if I can just get my kid’s to follow it when the time comes…

The site Deal Seeking Mom has some great posts on deals around town.

I love doughnuts, growing up my friend Carrie’s mom would make homemade doughnuts every now and again I loved them! When we went to visit two years ago we got the reciepe and now we can make them ourselves. I could live off our homemade doughnuts for days. YUM!


Zachary has learned how to jump and actually get both feet off the ground at the same time! He couldn’t be any cuter when he does it, I will try to get it on video for all of you soon. 🙂